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18 December 2020 @ 04:54 pm

04 April 2007 @ 10:40 am
In the nurse's office, coming home sick... Again. DX I hate life!
13 September 2006 @ 09:07 pm

People post at EGL a LOT

My friends page is... what... 99% EGL posts?



Some posts are interesting though...

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04 September 2006 @ 07:18 pm
Bored bored bored and wasting time...

I have to shred four hugeass boxes of papers from some person's house that burned down. I might just look through it and put the information out on the internet, just to be cruel...

..Nah, I can't do that. I'm getting paid for this.

But then again, how *much* am I getting paid?

Not enough, I can tell you that. *coughs* These boxes smell like smoke [gee, I wonder why?].


This is fantastic for my lungs.

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03 September 2006 @ 08:29 pm
Oh. My. God.

I think I've just died a little.

I've just finished reading the Dir en grey article at uncyclopedia.org/wiki and I was practically hyperventilating I was laughing so hard. My parents thought I was having a fit, or something. But it was worth it because this article is AMAZING.

Go here: http://uncyclopedia.org/wiki/Dir_en_grey

It's seriously amazing, I'm not even kidding. Of course, for you [my dear reader] this is probablly old news, but I'm never caught up on things. Including the whole thing with Kaoru and cashews. What was that about, anyway?

Wait.. who am I talking to? No one's gonna read this! ^_^;;

I hate myself and I want to die. School starts on wednesday. Shoot me?

PS: My last two posts ended with a 'Shoot me?'. Hehe, I'm so full of happiness, ne?
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22 August 2006 @ 07:13 pm
Okay. I am NOW emotionally prepared [ha] to tell the fantastic [mostly horrific] story of my trip to... *plays theme music*... California! But not just California, Sacramento! But not just Sacramento, Marysville! But not just Marysville, the Family Values Tour show! But... Okay, I'll stop now. You people already know where I'm going with this...

...Oh, hold on. The timer on the oven just went off... It's a sad day when Papa Murphy's starts cubing it's chicken. Oh well, I'm not eating it. **vegetarian power!!**

Anyway, here it is, the whole story:

::No.1- Woke up at 5:30 on Saturday. It was going to take.. hmm.. about ten hours to get to Sacramento [I'm in McMinnville, that's why]. *was angry* I'm not a morning person.

::No.2- Fetched Diana. It was wierd that her mom didn't even come outside to talk to my dad. She had never met him and was letting us take her daughter with us to sacramento. Am I the only one who thinks thats wierd?

::No.3- Drove A LOT. Played the ABC sign game with Diana, I won [ha, bitches!] and slept a bit. Okay, slept a lot.

::No.4- Got there at 4:30ish. The trip went by faster because dad decided that the speed limits didn't apply to him or something. Checked into hotel, went to eat food. Which was a bit on the crap side [the food, not the hotel].

::No.5- Went to Evangeline's Costume Mansion. Was a bit dissappointed, and got a major headache from the smell. I'm sorry to you lovely californians, but I'm not used to the smoggy smell. *feels like a spoiled oregonian* Please don't kill me!

::No.6- Attempted to sleep. I would have, but [damned to hell] people down the street decided to have a party. With loud, crap music and fireworks. Seriously. Fireworks. Is this normal? And, also the people next door to us decided [at 12:30] to turn the TV up ridiculously loudly. And then talk ridiculously loudly. And then have sex. Which was really confusing, because I thought I had heard some little child in there talking earlier. Creepy. Throughout the night people would walk outside their rooms and slam their doors. Then the people right above us would walk back and forth and stomp their feet. Stupid whores. Finally fell asleep.

::No.7- It was 3:30ish [in the am] and someone knocked at the door of our room. WTF? I figured it was dad, but I saw that Diana's bed was empty. WTF? So I answer the door, and there she is, standing outside the room. WTF? Fell back asleep.

::No.8- Woke up at 8:00ish. Apparently Diana had a wierd dreaming and slept walked OUT of the room. Hahahahahahaha! I laughed at her.

::No.9- Drove to some restaurant. Nick's Diner or something. Had honey nut cheerios. MMmmm... I luff me some cereal. Drove to Marysville.

::No.10- Got to ampitheatre at 11:30ish. Got in line. They *said* they'd open the doors at 12:00. They didn't. They *said* they'd open the doors at 12:30. They didn't. The *finally* opened the doors a few minutes before 1:00. Whores.

::No.11- Went to FYE tent and purchased a pre-signed It Withers and Withers Tour '05 DVD, and their new single, which got me a wristband for the meet & greet. *was excited*.

::No.12- Listened to 'Droid'. Was unimpressed. He said 'fuck' a lot. That's pretty much all I could remember. Oh, and he had that crap screaming voice that I hate. Oh well.

::No.13- Went and bought a Dir en grey tour shirt. It was a small, but still too big for me. That's what I get for being small, I suppose.

::No.14- Was heading back to listen to the next band, but got stopped by random Diru fans. One of them hugged me and the othe had me guess their gender to recieve 'Kyo points'. Was confused, but gave it a shot. But me, being the idiot-extrodonaire, didn't bother to *LOOK DOWN*, so I got it wrong. Apparently, 'she' was a 'he'. Damn. He wasn't angry though.

::No.15- Listened to 'Walls of Jericho'. Their lead singer was some girl with a shockingly red face. She also said 'fuck' a lot. It started to get annoying, and I was going to leave to go do something else, when dad pointed someone out to me. Kyo was backstage listening to the set, and a little while later Die came and listened too. So I stayed and watched them instead of WoJ. They weren't doing anything of particular interest, but it was two members of my favorite band from Japan, so I can't complain.

::No.16- Started making my way up to the front. I forgot who played after WoJ, so that shows how interested I was. I didn't really care, though. I drove ten hours to see Dir en grey, not the crap opening bands.

::No.17- I can't remember if Bullets & Octane was right after Walls of Jericho, but oh well. Their lead singer had really strange eyebrows and felt it was necessary to spit water at us. I got hit several times. He's on my list. >_<

::No.18- Was Deadsy next? I can't remember. Anyway, I despised Deadsy. Not only for the ridiculous sound of their name ["Here, little Deadsy!"], but because they MURDERED Rush's 'Tom Sawyer'!! They attempted to play it, with the lead singer singing it two octaves lower. Honestly! They made my list too. >_<

::No.19- I'm pretty sure I met Sunhwa at this time. I can't remember. But I hung out with her for a while. And some of her friends. One of them had made a little stuffed animal for Kyo. It was a bit disurbing looking, but otherwise cute. Very fitting for him.

::No.20- [skipping useless detail I can't remember] Listened to 10 Year[s?]. They were actually pretty good, but the lead singer's dread locks were distracting. I've despised that hair style ever since I met Marcus in band class last year. Sick. Diana had a wristband to meet them, but sent my dad to get the CD signed for her. She didn't want to miss Dir en grey.

::No.21- Sunhwa and I made our way up to the [almost] front. I was unfortunate enough to have to *literally* stand RIGHT NEXT to those damn fangirls everyone was complaining about. I wanted to kill myself. Was it just me or did they all have identical shoes, also identical to Kyo's? Coincidence? I think not. Ridiculous.

::No.22- G.D.S. started, but hardly anyone did it properly. It may have been my first Diru concert, but I've seen enough live clips to know how to do it. They came out [Shinya first, of course], and [seemingly] everyone SCREAMED. Did the crowd to that for any of the other bands? No. Did any of the other bands have insane fangirls? Probably not. Moving on!

::No.23- Their set was amazing, but too short. I could hardly hear the music, over the fangirl screams. I'll admit it, though, I did scream once when Kyo did his crazy blood thing. But honestly, who wouldn't? Anyway, there were a few tall people in front of me, so I hardly got to see Kaoru or Toshiya, but I saw Shinya a lot. Poor Die, though. When they'd pause in between songs, the fangirls next to me would chant 'Die's gay'. What is this about? I was confused and annoyed, but I let it go, because my boys were still on stage. Yes, I said 'my' boys. It's an inside joke, more or less. Please don't eat me. Anyway, I was very pleased to see that Kyo did actually *sing* some of his lyrics. I've seen clips where he either screams or says nothing and basically seizures onstage. Of course, he screamed a lot and basically seizured a bit, but it was all very entertaining. Their performance was overall amazing, despite damned girls next to me.

::No.24- All of a sudden, they just left. No goodbyes, no 'this is our last song, go to the meet & greet', nothing. They just threw a few things to the audience and left. I could see that they were angry. I figured it was the fangirls, but apparently someone on the other side of the audience was *throwing* things [cans, etc] onto the stage at them. How crap is that? I'm not sure if they did it in a bad way, or if they were excited, but I don't think Diru took it well. I have to be honest, I didn't see anyone throw anything, but my dad said they did it more than once. The fangirls and the can-throwers all made my list. >_<

::No.25- After they left the stage and I stopped being totally dazed, Sunhwa and I ran to the meet & greet tent. Diana was running after us, and she caught up later. She was acting a little wierd, but she said she didn't feel well and that the heat was getting to her. I was still a little dazed so I probably didn't show as much sympathy as I should have. I wasn't really paying attention to her. Sorry, Diana!

::No.26- Met [sort of] some of Sunhwa's friends. I don't know any of their names, but I sat with them while waiting for Die and Shinya. There was that one girl with the 'Die likes girls' shirt, one girl with really cool rainbow eye makeup, one girl with a white dress, and one girl with a sex pot shirt. I didn't know any of them, and just kind of sat their awkwardly while they complained about the fangirls. I guess I felt guilty, because I was standing right next the fangirls and didn't try to shut them up. But I'm not so bold, and they were taller than me. Of course, everyone's taller than me, so that's no excuse. Forgive me! But anyway, they were all nice.

::No.27- Die and Shinya arrived and I went and shook their hands. I really have no real amazing story to tell about this, other than Shinya said 'Thank you' to me, but I suppose he was saying that to everyone. I tried to say 'Hajimemashite' to him, but I can't remember if I actually said it. I was a bit dazed. Apparently Shinya laughed at that one girl's 'Die likes girls' shirt. I guess Die wasn't very pleased. What a spoil sport.

::No.28- Walked around a bit dazed, then ended up back in the mosh pit. Was *HORRIFIED* to see some fat chick flashing the people onstage. The odd thing was, no one was onstage except the sound check guys, so I was confused. But anyway, she was a drunken slut. Sick.

::No.29- Stone Sour started playing, and as I was standing not so far away from the speakers, I got a major headache. But not just from the speakers, also because it was almost 7:00 and I hadn't eaten anything since breakfast, people were smoking cigarettes, people were smoking pot, people were spitting, people were drunk, people wouldn't stop saying 'fuck'. Not my type of crowd.

::No.30- Went out of the mosh pit area and bought water. My dad and I sat on the ground and watched some ridiculous couple argue loudly and cuss at eachother for about ten minutes. One of the gaurd people came around to ask if we were okay. Apparently, I looked sick or something. Probably, my head was killing me.

::No.31- So, we left not long after that. We didn't stay for Deftones like Albert wanted me to, or Korn. But I didn't really care, because I didn't drive ten hours to see them anyway. Call it slight waste of money, if you will, but I didn't care. It really wasn't my money anyway. Hehe.

::No.32- Drove to slightly outside Redding. Stayed in some motel with a crap country setting. The rooms didn't have clocks. I was confused. They had dishes and silverware and crap decorations, but no clock. WTF? Not to mention the mattresses were horribly uncomfortable.

::No.33- Woke up at 8:30ish. The shower in that room was CRAP. First I got the temperature okay, it was a little too cold but I got over it. Then all of a sudden, it was BLAZING hot! So I turned on a little cold water. Then it was FREEZING cold! So I turned on a little hot water. Nothing. I eventually gave up and freezed to death [sort of].

::No.34- Drove to somewhere by the California border. Roseburg, I think. We ate food at Elmer's, which is like a slightly less crap version of Sherry's. My 'garden' burger was actually pretty good.

::No.35- Slept a lot. I had a dream that I was doing something unimportant, when all of a sudden, Kaoru runs by. And that's it. He just runs across the screen of my dream. Didn't stop or say anything. Just ran by. Why do my dreams always suck?

::No.36- Dropped off Diana. Her mom came out to greet her, and said a quick 'hi' to my dad and that was it. I was still confused that we took her daughter all the way to sacramento and back, and she never formally met my dad. Is this normal?

::No.37- Went home. SLEPT. Showed my mother what I got at the show, watched the first half of my DVD, and went to bed again.

And that was it! My entire trip summed up in... 37 points. I loved Dir en grey's performance, the meet & greet, and the nice people I met, but other than that, the trip was rather unexciting. I'm not sure if I'd ever go to one of these kinds of shows again, the 'Korn' scene isn't really me. But then again, I drove ten hours to see Diru, not Korn.


And to the people who made my list... just wait...>_<

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21 August 2006 @ 08:15 pm
I got back from california a few hours ago. I'm still ***really*** tired, so I'll post about the concert later tonight or tomorrow or something... Right now, I think I'll sleep.

'Night. (-_-)
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